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Super Powers For The Home Business

Friday, September 16, 2016
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This may very well be a great time to start a home business.

The traditional economy based on working in a corporate office, a retail business, construction, manufacturing, and many other fields no longer offers the opportunities, rewards, or security it once did.

For potential business owners who are smart, disciplined, innovative, and fed up with working too hard for too little, the largest perceived obstacle to starting a home business could be the fear of not finding enough customers.

Today no one has to be a super-salesman, because everyone has potential super powers thanks to Internet automation. Automated Internet technology can help you develop leads and turn those leads into first time buyers, then repeat buyers, and finally lifetime buyers.

While you devote your time, energy, and talent to finding the products or services you want to sell and creating the messages that convey your passion for and knowledge about those products and services; Internet automation will show you who has opened your emails, read them, and taken the step to find out more about your business.

After you launch your email campaign, Internet automation kicks in and tracks your results. This automated super power will help you move forward with the leads who opened and clicked your emails. And it will identify the recipients who went further and visited your web page. It will tell you how many pages they read and if they download a whitepaper, PDF, or other sales tool.

Distinguishing between prospects who just open an email and those who take specific actions that indicate real interest in your products and services is essential to growing initial sales and building a strong following for your business.

The super powers of Internet automation help you treat each contact differently and appropriately based on their email and online interactions. Over time, you gain vital intelligence about your prospects’ activities and interests to help you flesh out fuller profiles and design targeted communications that will resonate with them and lead to more sales and a loyal customer base.

All of your contacts’ activities can be tracked, and each activity can be is scored. The sum of all of the contacts’ activities is what is known as a Lead Score. By assigning a score to the actions your contacts take while visiting your websites, engaging with your emails and other digital communications, you take the guesswork out of who to engage in a sales conversation and when.

Internet automation is readily available and simple to use. You do not need any programming skills and there is no long learning curve. It’s like the difference between driving a car with a manual transmission or an automatic. With the automatic, you just choose your route, steer, and adjust your speed. You’re always in the right gear.


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